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Wednesday 11 August 2010

Transforming equipment

"Not a crocodile in sight"
""The big, bold crocodile-hunter now transformed to farmer"

From stepping stones to fields and meadows in just a few steps...
Actually, all it took was:
“ Susie can you make me pastures for my cows”.

The fun of the new “toys” lasted all week as they were transformed from stepping stones, to seats, to fields for animals, to bowls for catching thrown objects, and then back to stepping stones as we left the room.

Not only were the toys transformed but the children too. They arrived as big, bold crocodile-hunters, avoiding having their toes snapped at by remaining on dry land. Stepping carefully from one coloured stone to the next one, either alone, holding a hand, with a rolator or walking through the parallel bars.

Then we were all pixies and fairies, having fun in the forest sitting on brightly coloured toadstools. Our stones were placed on top of each other until the height was reached that made toadstool-perching-pixies possible.

Later we were farmers feeding our animals, with our Playmobile men climbing the steps up on to our fields to reach their animals.

At the end of our time together we returned to being big, brave crocodile-hunters, stepping though the wide river to reach home, but not before having had all the fun at the fair throwing rings into an upturned stepping-stone, pretending to win a coconut!

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