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Saturday 14 August 2010

Finding a voice

"More men in my neighbourhood!"
by Susie Mallett, August 2010

Motivating to speak out and be heard

I often wonder what would have happened to many of the clients I meet if they had not had someone to help them to find their own voice. People to motivate them and to teach them how to fight for what they want to do with their lives, and also people who continue speaking out for them for as long as it is necessary.

I spent some of last week with a young adult, doing some speaking out for him and some teaching of how to do it himself. What he still needs is some motivating to want to do it himself but that will come with a bit of peer- pressure in the adult world. Until that skill is also learnt there are enough family members, conductive up-bringers and teachers who will have a strong voice in reserve, to give the assistance needed.

Here is something else to read this weekend on the same theme, just in case I do not get time for more!

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