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Monday 29 October 2012

World Stroke Day

Adelheid 2003

A day for almost everything

It appears that there is now a world day for just about everything under the sun, and World Stroke Day is one of them.

It is a really important to recognise this day and I am doing so by reminding everyone that if you are searching for information about stroke, whether it is to do with rehabilitation, research, devices or any other subject, do not forget to take a look at dean’s stroke musings.

A tip for every occassion

There is so much information there you are bound to discover something useful, and written between the lines there are also some very witty remarks, presumably from Dean the Muser himself!

I was glad to read yesterday that Dean is still making progress with the bike riding and I hope that the weather remains warm enough for him to make a few more attempts before taking a break for the duration of the winter weather.

On the bike

I am very embarrassed to admit that my bike has been neglected for a long time. My excuse is tiredness, and the early-morning, and very dark, starts to the days. I do not like riding when I am tired and visibility is poor especially when it is school-run time.

Really I should mark World Stroke Day by getting back out there in the last of the Autumnal, albeit rather colder, weather.
As an example of how thorough Dean’s blog is below is a list of the snippets of he covered yesterday. I receive a list like this every night at midnight CET –

·         2012 statistics
·         caffeine - Good vs. bad

Sunday 28 October 2012

Sledges made for two

"Snowy skies in Hamar, Norway" December 2008

I woke up this morning to snow!

I had not smelt it coming and it continued all day leaving an icing sugar cover over cars and rooftops.

I do not remember, even in Nürnberg, experiencing snow as early as October, frosts at Halloween yes, but not snow. I heard today that parts of Britain have had a sprinkling too.

Despite the snow I am determined not to turn the heating on until November 1st which is a bank holiday here and I can make myself warm and cosy at home!

Winter draws on

When I perused a catalogue at work yesterday evening little did I know how appropriate the item that I photocopied, to give to members of my afternoon group, would turn out to be.

Even I had not smelt the snow coming, although I had commented as I travelled home with a friend that I thought we would be saying goodbye to the beautiful autumn leaves during the night.  It was not quite cold enough for all the leaves to drop but it was cold enough for snow!

Transport made for two

In the catalogue I had discovered a sledge made for two, one person seated while the other stands behind. It is possible to steer and apply the brakes in both positions.

A sledge made for two could be ideal for many of the children and their siblings in the families that I work with, we may just have to try one out.

Last year some of our children found a three-wheeler walker bike under their Christmas Tree, perhaps this year it will be a sledge.


"That two person sledge would have made life a lot easier here!"