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"Doing a Dina"

I am looking for families of young children anywhere in the world to take part in preliminary work to explore the possibilities of working conductively over the Internet through Skype, audio or webcam. This can be done in German, in English or in Hungarian, as preferred.

This is "exploratory work" of a kind not done before in Conductive Education, so fees  will be very reasonable indeed.

Interested families should contact me to discuss possibilities further, in the language of yourtheir choice and without obligation, at:  

If you do not already have a copy of Dina (and in my opinion every parent with a child under three with cerebral palsy should read this), this is the only book to describe how to bring up a young child with cerebral palsy "conductively". 

My Internet service is not just for families of children or under three, nor just for children, nor just for those with cerebral palsy  see my Profile

You do not need a copy of Dina to work with me on line but I have good news that there will soon be a reissue of the book   at a reduced price.

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