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Sunday 2 February 2014

Today I was reminded of some of the things I used to find time to write about

Today I was reminded of some of the things that I used to find time to write about

Above is a picture of the poster that I presented in Hong Kong at the first World Congress for Conductive Education that I attended, showing snippets of my blog postings. I am actually reminded of this regularly as it hangs on the back of my living-room door.

I was also reminded this week of a specific posting that I wrote in 2009 and re-posted in 2011 on my Conductive Lifestyles blog. It was part of series of three pieces that I wrote about conductive upbringing. Part Three can be found here –

Part two

I am very grateful for the interesting comments on these postings. Especially useful to me in my work this week has been the comment on Part Two from Norman Perrin. Thank you once again for sharing your views, it has helped me to find a way forwards so I am grateful for the coincidence that led me back there.

Part Two

Things come in threes ...

... including these blog postings so I will also include here Part One. It about language, translation and the words that we use in the field of conductive pedagogy

I particularly like the title picture of this posting, a clay model of one of my Green Men in its pre-firing stage.

Here below is a picture of how he looks today, five years later, glazed and in situ