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Conductor Nürnberg 
My publishing house: small books opening big windows on to modern conductive upbringing and lifestyle
In English, German and Chinese

Let me tell you a story, by Susie Mallett (in English)
A Chinese edition of this book is available direct from: kam wie ein Blitz aus heiterin Himmel / It came like a bolt from the blue, by Waltraud Heussinger (parallel texts in German in English, in the one book)

George's travelogue/Urlauberebnisse von George McDowell, by George McDowell (parallel texts in German in English, in the one book)

Enquire about prices for individual copies and for special offers on bulk buys:

Original books by András Pető
In the mid 1960s András Pető published two books though a publishing house in Western Germany. They are not directly about Conductive Education but what they reveal of his thinking on healing is essential to a thoroughgoing understanding of what he was about his approach.

The two books are very similar, the paperback being slightly shorter. Both books are in German.

Unfug der Krankheit – Triumph der Seele, by Dr. Med. Karl Otto Bärnklau (a pseudonym of András Pető)

Gibt es unheilbare Krankheiten? Nein! By Dr. Med. Karl Otto Bärnklau (paperback)
I hold a small stock of both these books, for sale at reasonable prices. Write for details:

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