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I am Susie Mallett, conductor.
I was born, raised and first educated in England (degree in fine arts in 1979, qualifications as a secondary-school art teacher and art therapist in 1983.
From 1989 to 1993 I trained as a conductor at the Pető Institute in Budapest under Dr Mária Hári, since when I have lived and worked in Germany as a self-employed conductor.
I currently work with children in a conductive team in Nürnberg, and with adults in collaboration with therapists in adult rehabilitation. I particularly like to work with my stroke clients and with children and their families in their own homes. My conductive practice is in German and English. I also speak Hungarian. My theoretical background relates closely to that of András Pető and Mária Hári.
Uniquely amongst conductors I describe and publish my work.
My two blogs
Susie Mallett's Conductive Upbringing and Lifestyle
My publishing house – Conductor Nürnberg
Conductor Nürnberg can also provide antiquarian books by András Pető
I am also available to give public talks and private consultations.
Welcome to my site. I hope that you find much to interest you. You will also find some good things to see and listen to while you are here. Enjoy your visit and contact me if you think that I can help.
Susie Mallett, BA Hons, PGCE, Dip Art Therapy, Dipl Kond Ped, Conductor

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