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Wednesday 11 August 2010


"Summer in Sweden" by SB,
August 10th, 2010

Some snippets from full days

“You should do the programme too”

“Do it with me, please.”

I often do this, but not today. This was a day when I realised that I was needed out front, giving a little bit more encouragement then usual, a bit of verbal guidance and a correcting touch now and again.

I said that I would spend thirty minutes later on, doing the really difficult movements.


I kept my promise and then I realised how right my client had been when he said that I should do it too. I should and regularly! Bike-riding obviously is not enough to keep my joints well oiled.

We always do as many sit-ups as our age in all my sessions. With my age creeping very quickly towards the mid-fifties it was very hard indeed today! My client noticed that he is no longer a teenager too! We struggled but we succeeded.

“Have you got your Meisters?”

My young client knows all about the Meisterprufung. His twin brother is taking his final exams right now, to become a “master” motor-mechanic.

I asked my client what he meant by his question. Surely I thought, he does not think I am working like a car mechanic!

“Your Master's at the Petö Institute, of course”, he replied with a grin.

I explained that there was no Master's for me to do at the time that I was studying in Budapest. Then, trying hard not to put words into his mouth, I probed to find out why he had asked.

“Because you are so good”.

What a lovely start to a long day.

We had been discussing how to learn a technique for keeping wandering arms under control. Clients with athetoid movements are always searching for solutions themselves but are also grateful for any new tips. Even at twenty years old they can still believe such tips are magic, especially when like today they work first time!

So that is how the idea of the Meisterprufung came about. We had been searching for a way to keep a wayward right hand under control while the left carried out some tricky bits on the latest painting. When it worked my client thought that we were working magic together!

A little bit of magic would be nice, but as we both know, it is all down to a lot of hard work!

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