My visitors today

Saturday 16 May 2015

Conductive Education, twenty years in Nürnberg

Conductive Education has been here in Nürnberg for more than twenty years as I arrived in 1993, but it has been part of  the Verein für Menschen mit Körperbehinderung, Nürnberg, e.V. for twenty years.

Join us on June 21st if you can make it.

Dancing the night away

'The bird dance'

Saturday brunch viewing to make you smile –

I know several girls and boys (and adults too) who would love to do this!

I remember when about twenty-five years ago a lovely lady, who was my classroom assistant, jived with her wheelchair-user husband at our school's Christmas do I was as mesmerised watching them as I was watching this video.

Movement and movement

We have at last begun our music group with a proper musician who is teaching us all sorts of amazing things, and now I have ideas for the future to find a dance teacher who can add something extra to the group. 

I wonder whether it will develop into something like the Music and Movement for Schools that boomed out from the huge wireless hanging from the ceiling when I was at junior school!

We fancy doing a bit of tap dancing but I expect that the same will happen as with the music, once we get started we shall soon develop our own individual style.

Sunday 3 May 2015

Walking for Charity

Our Conductive Education centre was well represented at The Second Charity Walk in Nürnberg last weekend.

Last year our integrated conductive Kindergarten benefited when they received a donation of some of the money raised at the first charity walk which was spent on play equipment for their garden. Last year conductors were unable to attend the walk itself, but our Association had been well represented by walkers and runners from other departments..

This year knowing that the Association, and quite possibling one of the conductive groups, was to benefit once again from the  money raised at the walk we made a huge effort to take part with some of our clients. Most of the children had prior arrangements for the weekend but we had a great response from the adults who attend our conductive evening groups. 

We assisted five wheelchair users to make their travel arrangements to get to the meeting place and with three conductors and several other members of our association who were to be running, walking or pushing wheelchair users,  we were really well represented and ready for the start. 

It was rather cold on race day but the rain stayed away long enough and the sun even appeared as we ran or walked. Lunch was served in the dry beneath one of the bridges that span Nürnberg's River Pegnitz and its meadowland.

The organisers of the walk were so incredibly kind to us and our clients. They spontaneously set up a new category so that wheelchair users could be included in the medal ceremony at the end.

We stayed for lunch and met some very interesting people; fellow walkers and runners who we hope will visit us in our conductive groups in the future to see what use we make of their very welcome donations.


Although it looks like it in the photo that heads this page I did not jog. I was the partner of one of the wheelchair users and although I did try to quicken the pace along the route we moved along at walking pace most of the way.