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Tuesday 24 August 2010

Talking to myself

"Todays art work" by F and K

I talk to myself when I am doing something fiddly, sometimes out loud and sometimes inside me somewhere. This always helps, as many of you will also have experienced, in getting a difficult job sorted.

It is also what the little boy, K, did constantly as he cut out his pieces for the horse on the right. He spoke so loudly, and so much and so fast that the little girl, F, actually asked him to be a bit quieter.

It is what most children and many adults do a lot of the time. They chattter away as they work and play. I have no idea why littlies in school must be quiet or why some people say it is the first sign of madness in adults.

For me it is the first attempt of ordering my muddled thoughts, of controlling my clumsy fingers, and learning something that I find very difficult. It is for example my way of remembering difficult words. I say them out loud so they go in from another direction, in my ears as well as though my eyes.

Does it all sound familiar?

Of course it does. We could call it common sense, we could call it life. It is what we do, and if we can not do it then we need to be shown how to.

Here is something that I read when I got in from working the late shift. I thought I would share it:

Here is something else that might be worth a read later:


While I am posting URLs, here is another that I have never noticed before either, on Facebook. There is an interesting inconsistant use of capitals for conductive education too, sometimes with one, sometimes with two, sometimes without.

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Andrew said...

Thanks for spotting the facebook page. I have made my comment on this elswhere:

As for Snowdrop, I had alrady seen that but the only think that I could think was the sentiment 'Never mind our enemies, preserve us from our friends!'