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Thursday 14 July 2011

The joy of cycling

I have just been offering some bike-buying advice to someone across the Atlantic.

I sent this link:

I thought that perhaps there are other people out there who would benefit from having this information too.

It is so important when choosing a bike, whether for someone with a disability or without, to get the measurements right and all the accessories too, it can make a huge difference to the joy one gets from cycling. I realised this when I purchased the bike in the picture above four years ago. Suddenly I did not get pain in my shoulders anymore! It was the difference of about half-an-inch between saddle and handbars that did the trick!


Andrew said...

What lovely-looking engineering.

How much does a bike like that cost, and how can anybody afford such a thing?

Nur in Deutschland!

Susie Mallett said...

Here is the second part of the link, the price list:

The bike that all our Kindergarten-age children use, the first one on page 11 costs 1050 Euros.

In most cases families contribute the price of an ordinary bike that they would pay for anyway and the health insurance
company pay the rest.

The bike will usually last the child for about five years when it is then returned to the health insurance company and the same process takes place for the replacement.

Yes, as you say probably only in Germany!