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Saturday 30 January 2010

A "PS" because I am me

Playing with butterflies, 2009

The "Weil ich bin ich" Littlie said something lovely today.

We had received unexpected visitors to the group just as we were starting and I had fogotten to prepare something that we needed.

I said "Oh dear, I am daft and old and forgetful". She shock her head and said loud and clear: "Nein!"

I asked "Nein what? Nein nicht doof? (not daft) Or nein not old and forgetful?"

With a cheeky grin she replied ,very clearly: "Nicht doof".

I then suggested: "But old". She smiled and told me "But not as old as Oma (Grandma), but older than Mama."

That’s a lot of words for someone who has to fight to get each one out. I think she knows how much I love her anecdotes and perhaps that motivates her to speak. She gets so excited because we understand her so quickly these days.

And how diplomatic she is!

A PPS (because I am me)

Of course this conversation was carried out entirely in German. Perhaps soon this may actually take place as reported above, as she has asked me to teach her English!

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