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Friday 22 January 2010

On seeing wood from trees

"Tuesday's darkness" from a 1979 notebook
by Susie Mallett

Just a PS to my last blog

I was thinking a bit more about what Judit wrote and what Dr Hári used to say. As I have said about many of the things that I saw and learnt in the Petö Institute and have experienced in conductive upbringing over the years as a conductor, and I say yet again: this is just 'common sense'.

It is common sense to tidy up and to put away the clutter so you can see the wood from the trees and get safely to the other side of the room. It is common sense to clear away the snow to make room for the next lot that has been forecast. Where should it go otherwise? We clear away after Christmas to make way for the motifs of carnival time. We clear away after carnival for the arrival of the Easter bunnies.

I quite agree that things we don’t use must be put away until they are needed, not thrown away because one day they will surely be needed. The working environment should be just that: working.

We do not need unnecessary clutter but on the other hand we do not need bare walls.

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