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Saturday 23 January 2010

Bits-in between... birthdays

Some of my friends are celebrating birthdays today

I sat up late last night sewing and painting, so I have a present for one of them ready to wrap.

I haven't seen this Nürnberg friend yet in 2010, so we will be especially pleased to see each other. I will also be pleased to meet all the other friends who will be joining in her celebrations.

This birthday-in-Nürnberg friend is the great friend who painted my flat for me when I was in England for so long in 2008, at the time when my Mother died. It all seems so long ago now, but I will never forget my lovely Mum or this special friend who somehow or other found a key to my new flat and went in there and decorated it for me before my return.

She really is just like her name says, an angel.

Are there any other birthdays to celebrate today?

There is one special friend, who bid for and won the Red-boots pin on eBay.

Happy Birthday!

Please let us know when the pin arrives.

And then there is my blog!

My blog is 400 today!

I can't believe it, so young (March 2008) and yet so old. Where did all those words come from?

A la Mr Bean as always,

"Happy Birthday, Blog"

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