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Sunday 5 July 2009

Getting ready for Monday Sundays

"Snipping and sticking Knautschi babies"

Those who follow the American Mums and their blogs will have noticed that quite a few of them now have Wordless Wednesdays, the day when they post just photos of their children, without text.

I have "Getting-ready-for-Monday Sundays". Sundays like today. Days when I sit on the balcony snipping and sticking.
I have actually been enjoying this rare “Getting-ready-for-Monday Sunday”. I don’t often have groups of children to get ready for and the theme is something which makes me smile, just thinking about the children’s faces in the morning.

Several weeks ago we left Knautschi fluttering around laying eggs, here there and everywhere. Knautschi had been a caterpillar for just over three weeks and on the very last night he metamorphosed into a gorgeous fluttery butterfly, and was there to meet the children in all his splendour on the last day of the block.

We were all left wondering how the story of his life would continue as all the children know that butterflies only live for a few days.

On Friday, as I was preparing the room for tomorrow, I made a house of leaves in a basket beneath the wall bars where Knautschi always spent his nights. Today I have been making lots of mini green caterpillars that the children will be able to remove from the “nest” one by one as they make their way to sit at the plinths.

Knautschi had got quite good at all the games we play each day, so I am hoping that the children will be eager to teach some of these tricks of the trade to their new friends, the baby Knautschis.

I have also been doing some snipping and not sticking, preparing bits and pieces of caterpillar in various sizes and at different stages of development, so that our littlies can make some baby caterpillars of their own later in the day.

As the weeks progress our caterpillars will nibble through the leaves, growing as they do so. We will therefore have to make bigger and bigger “babies” until we end up with a Knautschi-sized paper caterpillar complete with drinking straw legs, which can hang on strings as a puppet.

I suppose that I will then need to consider the next metamorphosis, when the butterflies start fluttering by again.

But I will leave that for another Getting-ready-for-Monday Sunday!


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