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Thursday 2 July 2009

I am still really missing the library at NICE.

Mária Hári, June 1993, shortly before I had the pleasure of her presenting me with my diploma

A treasure hunt

Colleague Kasey needs some help

Kasey, a conductor, is asking around for help to trace the quote below, that she has read or heard but doesn’t remember where.

'...Do not ask me what I can do for a child. Ask the child what he can do for himself.'

I know this quotation too. I can visualise it written on the page, unfortunately the page number is not incorporated in the image in my head.

I have just spent a couple of relaxing, interesting hours scanning pages looking for it, getting distracted of course as always.

I have not found it yet but can say quite definitely that it is not on my list of "Petö’s Proverbs".

I decided that instead of sitting up all night searching, or maybe as well as, I would call my readers in to help on the job.

My idea is that there must be at least one conductor who, when studying at NICE, used this quotation in a dissertation or in an essay.

Easy-peasy, I thought, but I was wrong

I thought all that needs to be done is a search through the collection of dissies in the library and perhaps it could be found.

But there is no one there to search for us!

As you see, there are more of us who are missing the library in some way.

So Kasey, I will continue my search, I know Gill won't give up either until she has found it, and now perhaps a few others will get their heads down to help.

I have a hunch

As this quote isn't on my list of quotations attributed to Petö, I suspec that it is something out of the mouth of Mária Hári. Who knows until we find it.

If the search continues to be fruitless I shall have to look to the other CE Library that I know, the one in Budapest and see what they can come up with.

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