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Thursday 30 July 2009

"Advantage through Technology".

Clockwise from 12.00, Red basil, curry, rosemary and thyme

Vorsprung durch Technik

I thought it time for a bit of the bits in between. The positive bit that is life.

How the Germans sometimes seem to have the edge, in some things anyway

Yesterday I was not intending to shop at all but as I came out of the hairdresser’s I noticed a lot of very healthy-looking plants for sale outside the local Supermarkt. ON closer inspection they turned out to be herbs. Just what I was looking for.

When I moved, my herb collection moved too, to my friends' garden where it is doing extremely well thank you and not wanting to be moved again. So I am making a fresh start in my window boxes.

I may one day retrieve the bay tree but it is already four feet high. It was a six-inch-tall specimen when I got it from a neighbour fifteen years ago.

So yesterday I went into the shop and bought four pots of herbs at 1.99 euros each. On closer inspection the plants really are healthy and they will probably remain so.

Function and style

They came in plastic pots with holes in the bottom, as they would be anywhere, but here in Germany they have an added detail that makes them not only look more attractive but also makes sure that he plants stay moist.

The plastic pots come standing in terracotta plant-holders that had helped and will continue to help them retain their moisture. This is why after standing outside the Supermarkt all day in the blazing sun they still look remarkably well.

The herbs are in place on the balcony now and have already given a lift to the flavour of my supper. Already taking part in the systemics of my life. This bit in between already having a knock-on effect on to the next bit in between, eating.


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