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Tuesday 7 July 2009

The person behind the recent Petö's Proverbs probe.

"Heat of Summer '75", by Susie Mallett, 1975

Kasey is one of the conductors in America who regularly follows my blog. She is also the person behind the recent "Petö's Proverbs probe".

I am always very happy to see Kasey's dot on my map most days of the week. She occasionally leaves me a comment too and we sometimes exchange emails.

Below is the most recent email from Kasey,received after I had asked her how she is spending the summer. She wrote it with my blog in mind after I asked her to elaborate a bit on her original reply. I thought that it would be nice to get to know the person who got us talking about this:

'Do not ask me what I can do for a child. Ask the child what he can do for himself.'


Dear Susie,

Here is an update on me and my work...

As you may recall, I started a new job in the spring.

I was working as the only conductor, and individually with the children (a variety of ages and ability levels) until our school year ended at the end of May, as did the individual work.

Beginning in June, I have been running 2-week camps.

First, I had a Parent & Child group. A very cute and fun group of three small children and their wonderful parents. Using the topic "My Body", we learned many new songs and had lots of fun together.

Next came a school-age group of three children who had all previously been in Conductive Education in different settings. Together, we enjoyed the topic "A-camping we will go!" We sang silly 'campfire' songs, made s'mores, and went 'fishing'.

In the next couple of weeks, I will have a different group of three school-age children, one of whom is brand-new to CE. I have had great responses from the parents about the camps.

In general, it is their first experience with five days a week and 3-4 hours per day (and group work). It is very exciting, and I feel I can now be very happy with my work and the results it brings.

Busy, tired, and happy -- that's how I'm spending my summer. I get a 2-week holiday in August.

School term starts again at end of August, and we work through until Christmas, with a short break at Thanksgiving.

With love,


Open invitation

Thank you Kasey, it sounds like you are really enjoying being a conductor, with its variety of life!

If other people would like to share their summer experiences, even give a few tips on themes and activities as Kasey has done here, please start sending the letters in or post as a comment to Kasey's !

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