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Saturday 14 February 2009

A surprise commission

Sudden winter colour, by Susie Mallett, 2009

Something interesting happened today in relation to my blog, a comment I suppose you would call, it but this time it was a comment by phone.

One of my regular readers called to enquire about purchasing a painting that had featured in my blog quite some time ago. The said picture has actually gone out of my ownership since I painted it, which is very often the case. I usually paint with someone in mind or the picture sits around for a few days before I think “So-and-so might like that”, then I pop it in the post. I take photographs of all my works as I am sure they will one day be needed for a blog posting!

Drawings are different as they are often in a sketch book, where they remain forever.

Having painted for so many years there is a limit to how many pictures I want hanging around the flat, on or off the walls. I have rarely sold them, my family, my friends and many colleagues have received most of them as gifts, although I have kept a few of my favourites.

Some are precious

I was going to say “ I keep the precious few” but this isn’t true as my pictures have never been precious to me. Don’t miss understand me I would never tear one up or throw one away, even if I am not entirely satisfied with it. I know from experience that I will retrieve it from a folder some years later and enjoy it.

Since my childhood my paintings have never been precious objects. I see them just as marks and colours arranged on paper to represent something that I wanted to say something about. They could take minutes or days to complete but that doesn’t make one any better or worse than the other, and during the creating process none of them become, “precious”.

I can always paint more, of course never an identical one. Even so, knowing that I can do it again and again prevents even the biggest pictures from becoming too important or too precious to me.

However, I am very grateful that my paintings were always precious objects for my Mum. She collected them over the years and I now have a lovely collection of them from as early as three years old. These have therefore become precious for me too, not because I painted them but because of my mother’s actions. She decided which ones were worth keeping and having done so kept them safe for over forty years!

Would you like one?

My “phone call comment” has resulted in a surprise commission, for a second “Lady in red” and it is a lovely feeling knowing that some of my readers enjoy my pictures as much as or maybe more than my writing.

If you see a painting that takes your fancy in the space above the writing let me know, maybe even the original is still around somewhere! Remember though, size is deceptive, some of the paintings are smaller than a postcard others are a nearly a metre high.


"nearly a metre high"

That's a yard in English. I have been in Germany too long!

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