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Thursday 19 February 2009

Bringing some order into my camp

My blue guard dog, by Susie Mallett 2001

I have been in contact with some parents who are at the Ability Camp in Picton, Ontario with their daughters. One of these Mums, who has a blog herself, told me in a comment to one of my postings that she is excited to view my blog.

My immediate reaction to this was "That is not going to be easy!" as there are already 165 postings there. However could a newcomer navigate through them all? I decided that it is high time that to give all my readers some kind of order to follow, and this is exactly what I have tried to do.

It wasn't easy but, as I was what my Mum would have called "ill-a-bed and wuz-up", I had lots of time to think about it.

Due to my rambling style of writing some of the postings have to go into more than one category. I hope that despite this I have made the site a bit easier to navigate for anyone who is making a first visit, and also for older readers who wish to search the archives.

I have had an interesting two days curled up, cosy and warm in bed, with flasks of Erkältungs Tee, herbal tea for colds, just what the German doctors order! I have been reading all my old postings, looking at the pictures, deciding how to classifythem, and then re-labelling them again and again. I am sure that the process isn't finished but it is a start and at least I have an idea where all my posting are.
I also helped in the healing process.


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