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Monday 16 February 2009

Solidarity through the blogosphere

Hopes for spring (its snowing again!) by Susie Mallett 2009

It's a small world

Through the blogosphere I slowly but surely make contact with the wider world of Conductive Education.

I meet providers, conductors and users, also carers and parents of users. I also meet all sorts of other interested parties, even people who just like my paintings.

Recently I came across a blog by a Mum whose child is attending for the first time the Ability Camp in Canada. This mum is recording the family's experiences of Conductive Education and everyday life at the camp in a diary form.

I am watching it keenly, both because of my interest in what happens around the world at "camps" and also because a month ago I met, also through the blogosphere, another family who were planning a trip across Canada to join this same camp.

Despite the airline!

When I looked at the said blog yesterday, low and behold there was the second family describing their problems on the flight from Yukon to Vancouver!

I wonder how many other parents have such stories to tell! From my own experiences of travelling with disabled people, probably a great many.

I wish both these families and all their "colleagues" at the camp a successful and "fun" time.

Shoes across the seas

I am watching with interest how the camp progresses especially as I see that today Cassie was learning to tie her shoe laces in Picton as were two of the children in my group here in Germany!

How about that for solidarity over the blogosphere. Cassie, I will photograph them both in action tomorrow so you can see how we are all are getting on!


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Kate's Blog said...

HI Susie

I am so happy that you found our blog. I am very excited to view your blog as well. I will link it to mine as blogs I follow. One of the most valuable parts of being at ability camp is linking with others who understand and sharing stories and information. Cassie's Dad is German. She has been going to german classes on Saturday mornings. My husband Chris works for a German company here in Canada called Espar. Thanks for getting in touch
Kathy Fruck