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Tuesday 8 February 2011

A dad's blog

Tai O, Hong Kong, December 2010

I just discovered Hey Dad blog and am really happy that I did. I have learnt a lot already and I have only read a dozen or so postings.

Take a look and see for yourself at:

I spent a long time reading it on my first visit and even then I came back to read several of the posts again. Here are some of them:

I found the blog through a link from this site that arrived today in my inbox:


Anonymous said...

I can understand why you lingered on some of Hey Dad's posts.

Outside of a CE upbringing, I have often wondered if one of the keys to success for a child with CP isn't having had the good fortune to have been born to parents who 'engage'.


Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday

Susie Mallett said...

Yes Norman,
I think you are right, and I like your use of the words parents who "engage", it immediately brings my Dad to mind as he explains to me the mechanics of some very complicated part of a steam engine.

All those wonderful precision made parts that move, interacting, engaging as Dad always says, with each other to produce such energy and power to haul the stock behind it.

I have also been enjoying reading .

I look forward to seeing you soon too.