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Tuesday 8 February 2011

Planning holidays

" It is still winter up north" by Susie Mallett, February 2011

I have received several Google alerts over the past few days, plus a back log because I have been offline. This one was here this morning:

I did not know about Cypress School before it seems like a very lively and interesting school for children with special needs.

A conductive boot camp is amongst the several summer recreation camps on offer there this year.

In Nürnberg we offer a conductive holiday to older clients, many of them teenagers who have not been able to come to our sessions because of attending school but like to travel with this group. I wonder whether the camp offered here is also such a holiday carried out conductively or whether it is a plinths-and-wall-bars conductive session for a month in the long summer holiday from school. We will have to wait until the spring, when more information is made available to discover what form this boot camp will take.


More about boot camps -

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