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Monday 28 February 2011


"I can see the sea"

Here is something to watch and think about.

My sister gave this film to me when I was recently at her home. I eventually watched it a couple of days ago and then immediately afterwards I read the very moving posting on Norman Perrin’s blog, with more comments on his Facebook page too:

Something has to be done, not only in UK but here in Germany too. I expect in many other countries in the world. We not only need to think about what the provision in the future should be for our children with a motor disorder but also for adults. Children do not stay children for long. They are adults for much longer.


"I can see the sea" - the first one to shout this out in the car as we travelled to the coast on what seemed like every weekend of my childhood got lots of praise for being so observant. Sis and I knew where all the gaps between all the trees and tiny hillocks were like we knew the backs of our hands so it was always a photo-finish!

If you look carefully you can just about distinguish cloud from sea.

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Andrew said...

Yes, everyone, do watch this film.