Saturday, 29 January 2011

Try it like this!

Hong Kong Island from the ferry to Discovery Bay

The title of the posting is also the title (I think) of a blog that I just found: Igy probálja!

Sometimes going on a search unearths something unexpected and perhaps more interesting than what I was originally looking for.

I do not know whether this is more interesting then what I was looking for, as I have yet to find that, but Try it like this! is worth keeping on record, passing on to others, and taking a look at now and then.

I was searching for websites mentioned over on Geek Conductor in Mauritius:

I do not mind when nothing turns up as long as during the search I come across such interesting items as this.

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Andrew said...

Thanks for spotting and sharing this. It's the first time that I have seen this pedagogic work with babies so publicly displayed.

You prompted me to check YouTube under mozgasfejleszteshttp. I found this: