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Sunday 2 January 2011

All lives are exceptional

Nyong Ping, December 2010

Making cyber-friends

A few days ago I received an email from a lady who lives in America. She informed me that she had discovered, on a Google alert, that I have written a book, and wanted more information.

I answered the mail and then spent all that day at work trying to remember why her name was so familiar. On the tram journey home I remembered,: she has featured on my blog!

So of course I had to answer her email again!

Coincidently, I had also discovered on a Google Alert last November that the very same lady had written a book and illustrated it, just like I have since done.

I wrote about it here:

This lady, Janet, had not discovered my blog until I replied to her last week and pointed out the coincidence.

Janet writes her own blog and writes for other websites on disabilty and families. She also works with:

There are some other people on this site who have featured in the past in postings on my, and/or on Andrew Sutton's blog, including the man who hosts the site, Nathan Charlen.

My cyberspace world continues to grow and I begin to see many more openings ahead for informing families about conductive upbringing and about developing conductive lifestyles.

Thank you Janet for getting in touch. It makes a lovely positive beginning to this New Year. I hope that we will be communicating a lot more in the future


Susie Mallett, The power of books -

Janet -

Where I first discovered the book -


Something that I found on Janet's blog. Something that I first saw somewhere else a long time ago but had forgotten about:

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