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Wednesday 5 January 2011


Stanley Market, Hong Kong
December 2010

Two reasons to celebrate just landed in my inbox.

The first is an e-book written by Fellner Gábor:

Congratulations Gábor, I have not read it all yet, but I will say more in another posting when I have.

The second reason is that somewhere or other, possibly Maryland, in the USA, the Prince George's Public Schools have decided to integrate Conductive Education in their system after a successful pilot scheme that took place during the last school year:

If anyone discovers more about this please inform me. I have found no more information than this one thing on Facebook that is a year old now.

This news was posted more cautiously at the URL below, 18 months ago and I think discussed on the blogosphere because of the need for successful applicants to take several exams before the work could begin.


Conductive World said...

I love the dragon.

And I salute Gabor for his initiative (though like you I have still to read his piece, and no doubt I will too).

As for that CE scheme in Maryland I am afraid that I have to disappoint you. You have't heard of this particular project for a year because it seems to have collapsed. The reason for the collapse was that the project was unable to find a conductor ready (or able) to take on the responsibility required.

If you look down to the bottom of the Facebook item that you refer to, you will see a little note to indicate that the item comes from a year ago.

A sad tale. Huge hope and hard work went into this project by the Sixten Foundation. Had it come off it would have been a step forward for CE in the US it would have been a step change in the development of CE in that country.

MH talked about 'the human factor in CE' How right she was!

Susie Mallett said...

That was quick!

I was just adding to my posting at the same time as you were commenting.

I am sure that there was a discussion somewhere on the blogosphere at the time about this and I was searching your blog for it.
Do you remember?

Yes, as you say it would have been good for CE USA. A change in the direction a step away from therapy maybe.


Conductive World said...

Yes, quick, I need a nap!

Here are the search results for two critical key words in this case

Taken together, the threads revealed by these searches offer quite a bit of the history and some of the critical issues around this tale. My own feeling at the time was that Robert Kurz was not well advised on the capabilities/aspirations of the conductors potentially available to him in the US. It will be interesting to see what is done to find a way around this problem should anyone ever attain the opportunity that Robert engineered. Or perhaps it will prove insoluable. If so, then farewell the 'teacher-conductor'.

The search engine on Conductive World is at the top left of the page, a small blank box followed by a mignifing glass, as on all Blogger blogs. I am currently wondering how I might make the content of Conductive World more easily accessible to people seeking information. Wetware problem again?



Susie Mallett said...

Thank you.

Yes, I think "wetware problem again" is probably right. Wet and wampy my mum used to say. Writing blogs is about my limit and recovering the dots on my map, I managed that too!

And there on your blog links I found the link to your Facebook dialogues too, but not surprisingly I could not get there on Facebook. I think you were thinking ahead at the time and copied most of the discussion from Facebook into one or more of the postings below.!/profile.php?id=1540593482

Thanks again, it makes interesting reading.