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Wednesday 5 January 2011

Something new?

What to do with alerts?

I continue to receive Google alerts that I am not sure what to do with. As I wrote earlier in the week, I used to send them on to Andrew Sutton who always seemed to know what to do with them, and often they appeared on his blog. Just as often, I suspect, he put them to one side or deleted them, or he forwarded them one step further to Gill Maguire, then they appeared on her site.

I have begun to read more of the Google alerts myself, wondering whether I should blog them or put them on my "Oh Dear!" list, or throw them out with the spam.

Below is one of my more recent reads! I am now wonder what “kind of person” is going to go for this job, or is expected to apply. Is it one job or is it in fact a three-person position, for a therapist for CE, a coach and a stimulator?

Family, London
Conductor Wanted (London, UK)

A private family located in central London, UK. A part time job for a 9 year old daughter with chromosome abnormality. Condition has certain similarities with CP. Would like to receive a CE therapy/coaching/stimulation.

Job A – 1 x 2 hours during the week after school and 1 x 2 hours on a weekend.
Job B – 2 hours/3~5 times a week during School Holidays.
Job C – SLT (Speech & Language Therapist). 2 hours on a weekend.

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