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Saturday 8 January 2011

A quick solution

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Another mystery quickly solved

I have heard this morning that the site I found last night, "Conductive Education Weekly", is a new extention, under construction, of the site Conduction, a Think Tank for Conductive Education:

I received a very apologetic email from its author, who is as surprised as I was that Google picked up the building material so quickly, before it was open to the general public.

I expect we will be hearing from the people that established the charity Conduction, you can read about them on the site above, sooner or later, informing us that something new will be appearing on their site.

I am pleased that work is being done to make Conduction an active meeting point for the conductive blogosphere, but hope that it will not draw the readers away from our own personal sites by publishing our blogs there. We shall see shortly, I expect.

I look forward to hearing more soon.


Andrew said...

Google is indeed alert, and you were in like a ferret straight behind!

As you know I am changing the nature of Conductive World. As part of this process I wish to discontinue the feature called 'CE Blogosphere'. I am aware, however, that people find this a useful resource for current awareness, and a hub to link them to current writing in the world of CE.

In anticipation of this change it had already been arranged for the most active CE blogs to be notified on the Conduction website, at

There remains, though, considerable flexibility in how their use and presentaion might potentially be developed there. Conduction is taking the first steps in working out how this might be done, to create an attractive resource to attract a wider audience to read the entertaining and educative work of CE-bloggers.

'Erare humanum est' and some initial elecronic doodles slipped out under the electonic door. It was these that Google spotted, and you have queried.

Keep on ferreting. There is a lot that slips out under electronic doors withous the owners noticing. I have just spotted a beaut from the recent Congress.

As for a successor arrangement for CE Blogosphere, it is hoped that it won't be too long before something is up and running – and you and your readers will be first to know about this when it is.


Susie Mallett said...

Thank you for giving us some more information Andrew. As I said in my posting the author of the site contacted me this morning with apologies and also explained the situation.

I did not have to do much ferreting. Just a few clicks to read the material and then just a short blog posting was enough to find the solution!

I still use Conductive World as a jumping off point to other blogs and jump even further using the links that I find out there.

It would be really good to see something similar on Conduction as it would indeed attract visitors to Conduction and to other blogs.

I would really enjoy it if there was the facility on Conduction, like you used on Facebook to advertise your Conductive World postings, to advertise my own current posting in my own few words rather than the first few words of the title of my photograph being the link, as happens now on the CE Blogosphere listings.

I apologize if my ferreting was too fast and caused any problems.

Thanks once again for explaining.



Where are you going to let us read about the beaut that you have ferreted out? On Conductive World? On Conduction?

Thanks once again