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Monday 3 May 2010

An update

Not a nit in sight

Nitty Nora was with us again this morning. We were given the all clear!

It was strange being in the queue again after forty-five years, to have my hair gone through with a fine-tooth comb! Actually she did it with her fingers, as they also did at junior school all those years ago.

Today's nurse was not in a white coat, and what's more she smiled and joked with the children. Not at all like the stern, frightening character I remember from my childhood She even offered to tie my hair up for me after she had given me a thorough search.

Now life can get back to normal again in all the groups. The pillows have been through the tumble-drier, the blankets have been washed and all the clothes belonging to the children sent home to be laundered. The cleaned carpets will be out of use for a few days apparently, after two days without nourishment the tiny creatures die off).


Nitty Nora-

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