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Sunday 16 May 2010


"Treasure Island" by Susie Mallett, March 2010

Sometimes I feel very proud of my abilities, with my rattling old computer, to rustle up as many blog postings as I do and all with no computer training. I just fiddle around to find out how, or ask someone how I can find out how, if there happens to be someone around.

My sort-of-step-son is a big help, a mine of information and also quite as proud of me as I am for being able to do what I can on the computer. He thinks for an oldie and a woman and sort-of- Mum that I am quite cool when we chat on Skype about computer problems!


There is something wrong and I cannot find out what it is. My blog postings sometimes go haywire. Sometimes when I look at my blog all seems fine and the next time that I look the spacing has gone bananas and the font size is almost so small that it is invisible.


I apologize to you all for the sometimes awful lay-out, the sometimes tiny script and also, so I have been told (though it is invisible on my computer) for the sometimes lines of computer language between the paragraphs. Any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are mine, I cannot blame the computer for those butI apologize for those too while I am at it!

All I can say is that the photographs seem to be publishing as they should, so if the worst comes to the worst I will resort to a month of paintings again.

I think the problem lies with Blogger and not the computer, because at least from this computer I can cut and paste. When I try to post from a friend's computer I have to write directly into the blog. This is something that I discovered a couple of months ago to be a risky business, as sometimes postings just disappear!

Please keep reading and please keep enjoying my "painting exhibitions", while I continue trying to find a solution to the problem.

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