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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Strange how things keep cropping up

"Steve from Steel Pulse", Birmingham 1982, by Susie Mallett

Below is just a short exstract from one of the best pieces that I have read written by a parent of a disabled child:

Now, the most important thing I have learned in my life with Katie is never give up. Now I understand that not everyone has the same circumstance, but set goals. Something always told me that she could walk. Now I knew she would not walk perfect, but she would walk. And through her efforts and the effort of my wife, others, and me, she can walk. We also knew she needed an education like the other kids, so we required her to do the same as other kids. It always took her longer to do everything. But she has ended up graduating early and is now in college working on a degree in accounting. We are still helping her adjust. But our goal is for her to be as independent as she possibly can. Do not hide the person. Try to include them in everything you do. We always took our daughter out in public. When she was in school, we pushed her to do her best. Ruth Gordon once said, “Never give up and never face the facts.”

You can read the rest of this moving artilce here:

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