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Sunday 9 May 2010

Communicating, creating, living .....

"Wash the car, shop for fruit and vegetables,
go riding and then go for a walk"

"Return empty bottles, bake and eat pizzas,
play ball and then go home for tea"

...and not neccessarily in that order

Just an example of my work this week

Tuesday, usually my favourite day, was as good as it often is. This is a snippet from the middle bit of the day, the art therapist/conductor-hat part.

As so often is the case my client, who is twenty-seven years old and autistic, came with an idea to work on of his own. With the assistance of his carer he managed to explain to me that he wanted to create some small pictures of the things he likes to do every day and of the things that he must do on some days. His family and his carer thought that by using these cards communication between them all and the planning for the week, a day or two at a time, could become easier.

As you can see we made a good start. Next week we will make another couple of days worth and laminate them all to make them long-lasting.

First reports are encouraging

After using the cards for a few days the results are positive. Although my client can speak he tends to mumble and to communicate using just a few basic words. I am told that the cards are really beginning to do their job well, they are helping him to form longer sentences and to make decisions that he sticks to for the day, as he can see them in the cards he has picked out. His speech is often clearer and not as loud when he uses the cards. It is similar to the difference between when one reads from a book or speaks spontaneously.

I look forward to our work next Tuesday when there will be more activities traslated into pictures and perhaps some longer chats about what has been going on all week.

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