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Sunday 9 May 2010

Tuesday, then it must be my music-upbringing evening

"Stadttheater, Furth"

I know it is Sunday now but it was Tuesday when I wrote this!

For over twelve years I have been listening to classical music with one of my clients on Tuesday evenings. She chooses the music from her huge collection at home and we listen as we work.

Sometimes, as the group has grown in size, other members share their favourites with us too. In this way my classical music upbringing has developed and I imagine that of the other group members as well. A sort of by-product of our conductive group.

This original member of the group sometimes invites me to join her at the Meistersingerhalle in Nürnberg for one of the Vienna Classic Season concerts. This is always a very enjoyable evening, both she and her mother are so knowledgeable and share their interest in the Classics with me.

Last Tuesday after we had done our work in the after-work Worker's Group, my client and I quickly donned our glad-rags, ate a rushed supper and were whisked off by the most delightful young man in his taxi-for-the-disabled, to the theatre in the neighbouring town.

My client had been given tickets for the concert for her birthday and unfortunately her mother was double- booked, she was in Dresden listening to an organ concert in the famous Frauenkirche.

I was asked whether I would like to have the spare ticket. Of course I would, no question about itm especially as the theatre we were to visit could hold its own with Dresden's Frauenkirche and Opera House any day, It is absolutely gorgeous, bringing back memories as I sat there of the nnumerous theatre and opera visits in my years in Budapest.

My client did all the organising. The taxi was ordered, she spoke to the rest of the group to arrange an earlier starting time so we could get to the theatre on time. All that I had to do was get dolled up, push the wheelchair and enjoy the evening.

Which we both certainly did.

The concert was a Benefit Gala for children with cancer, with a huge cheque handed over just after the interval to the music therapy department of a local children's hospital.

The music performed on this occasion was from opera, operetta and musicals, played and sung by the Frankfurter Symphony Orchestra, an array of brilliant international soloists and the Nürnberg Teacher's Choir.

The whole evening was moderated by a well known actor and narrator, Elmar Gunsch, who so interestingly joined all the pieces together with stories about the composers, with some history of the development of musical styles, and much more.

We had even more to enjoy in the interval. With the queues too long to purchase wine and a Breze (a bread twist), we strolled around admiring the walls! The foyer was the show place for some amazing landscape paintings, taking us though the seasons just like Vivaldi, as we walked from one side of the theatre to the other. When we managed to take our eyes away from these breathtaking views into the countryside we observed all the beautiful dresses, hairdos and shoes!

It really was one of the best concerts I have been to for a very long time, I was very glad that my client'' Mum had double-booked herself and had given me this lovely present. My client and I enjoyed the evening together very much, a lot more than at our last very disappointing concert together, the 'Ten Tenors'. We look forward to our next concert and until then my musical upbringing will continue every Tuesday evening.


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