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Sunday 16 October 2011

Stroke blog revisited

 "Autumn blooms" by Susie Mallett, 1988

I wrote during the week about a blog that I had discovered that deals with many aspects of stroke recovery and prevention.

It appears that after realising that I had linked to his blog, its author, Dean, has been doing the same on my blog as I have been doing on his, back-reading or starting at the beginning and working forwards to the present date. 

I suspected that this might be happening because he left this comment on my Flamethrowing posting from 2009:

“You may want to check out my comparisons of Bobath vs. Brunnstrom


I suggest that my readers take a look at these links, especially the second one with the link that takes you further to Peter Levine’s  The stroke recovery blog.

Both of these blogs take you from one stroke recovery blog to another and I have discovered a new world to read about out there.

I have one-hundred and seventy-three posting to look at on Dean's blog plus many more on all of these links. Dean, if he has taken on the same task that I have, has eight-hundred and ninety! Probably he will only pick out those of mine that speak about my work with stroke clients, there are only around fifty of those and not as many links as he gives on his blog posting.

I am very glad to have discovered Dean and his blogging I hope that my readers find something to interest them there too.


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