My visitors today

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Early to bed

"My paint box after a hard day's work"

This evening I met my group leader from my third year of conductor-training at the Petö Institute. That was in 1991/2, twenty years ago!

Tomorrow I hope that she and a group of her colleagues, some of them also people who taught me, and some other people I have worked with, plus others who I have come to know through my work in Germany, will come to watch me, my colleagues and our clients at work.

What a turn up for the books! 

There we were hoping for a nice quiet week after three weeks of little ones with their dinosaurs, lots of illness amongst the staff and a very busy time all round. Now we have a group of twelve visitors in the group!

I do so hope that my five clients in the group tomorrow forgive me for not giving them any notice.

Some of these people, who will visit, I have known since 1989, others since 1993 when I first came to Germany. It is strange that it is only now that we begin to get to know each other.

Watch this spot: there may quite possibly be more to this story.

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