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Tuesday 18 October 2011

Is Christmas nearly upon us too?

"My favourite bubble-wrapped building!" 
18th October, 2011

While we in Germany have been excitedly decorating pumpkins for Halloween take a look at this photograph to see what they are up to in England!

The Brits are leap-frogging All Soul’s Eve with its ghosts and ghoulies, do not even know about celebrating Saint Martin’s evening with a festival of lanterns and songs, or Saint Niklaus with freshly polished boots filled with sweeties. Instead they are wishing it could be Christmas everyday! Or at least for a quarter of the year.

My sister and I spotted the first Christmas Selection Boxes in the supermarket in August and now  it is not only chocolate in the shops, it is Christmas lights on the bubble-wrapped buildings  too, as you can see in the picture above.

I can wait for Advent, just as most of Germany does. We still have our Pumpkins to make and bake, lanterns to create and parade, and shoes to polish in readiness for Niklaus to turn up with his sack of chocolates, oranges and nuts.

We will wait until the first advent weekend, the last weekend in November, before the Christmas songs get learnt and the candles come out on the tables. We have enough to keep us celebrating and busy until then.

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