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Monday 27 June 2011

More on Spina Bifida

"On the Metro in Newcastle" by Susie Mallett
June 2011

In my email in-box last week spina bifida was mentioned again in relationship to conductive work.

There are already a few posting on my blog relating to spina bifida where I have described my own experiences and also referred to any related literature that I know of.

Today I have another book in my hand. one of its chapters is about Conductive Education and spina bifida. It could be of help to anyone starting out on this conductive path.

This book is: The Task Series in Conductive Education by Éva Beck, translated by Rátz katalin and published in English by MPANNI in 2010.

ISBN 978-963-87821-1-3

There is also an Hungarian version that was published in 2008.

It is available to purchase from the Petö Institute’s Mária Hári Library.


Susie Mallett, spina bifida -

Petö Institute’s Mária Hári library

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