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Sunday 19 June 2011

Bird report number two

Gabor or Giszelle, 19th June 2011, 19.30

Gabor and Giszelle, that is what my lodgers are now called, are doing fine.

The change of sitting-on-eggs shift was carried out with the same ritual as yesterday. A four-inch-long stick was presented by one to the other and carefully stowed away before the one settle down for a day on the nest and the other flew off for some fun.

It is impossible for me to tell the difference between the male and female birds so I always call them Gabor and Giszelle.

Today the tail was facing the balcony door but always when I appeared a beady eye swiveled round to look at me.

I Skyped my Dad for Father’s Day and I told him all about my new lodgers. I knew he would love the story as we had been watching Spring Watch on TV together when I was home and he always has a creature waiting to show me when I return home.


Spring watch -

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