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Thursday 23 June 2011

Bird report number four

"The lodger in Haslemere, Surrey"
June 2011


I love coming home and, after taking off my helmet and cycling shoes, going straight to the balcony to say hello to the lodgers.

I get the impression that the birds, if not exactly loving it, are slowly slowly used to my presence. They certainly should be getting used to, but I am sure not loving, the storms of the past week.

The longest day has been and gone and was probably one of the darkest for a long time. Mid-summer day tomorrow and although the temperature is warming up the trees are still being battered by the storms and it is really wet, even up that tree. Even so despite the awful weather whenever I get home and go to make the twice daily check on the lodgers there is always someone at home, a beady eye watching me.

A friend of mine sent me some photographs last evening of a pigeon that is nesting six feet from his dining room window. I think Gábor and Giselle are even nearer to my balcony door.

My friend is getting as much joy from his lodgers as I get from mine and we will continue to do so until the young ones hatch, fledge and leave the nest.


I wish I had a camera like my friend has!

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