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Saturday 18 June 2011

More than three years of blogging later

"Keeping warm" by Susie Mallett
West Wales, 1980

I had been watching the number of postings on this blog slowly move towards the eight-hundred mark for what seemed like ages.

When I got back from England last weekend I realized that I had almost made it and thought it could do with a bit of a celebration. I just had another look at the facts and figure of my blog and realized that I have missed the mark. Blog eight-hundred has come and gone after all that waiting without me even noticing.

Now I will have to wait for another couple of months before I reach the next celebratory number, let’s say eight-hundred-and-fifty.

I cannot believe that I write so much. I wish that Book Number Two would get written as quickly!

Luckily I paint, draw and photograph a lot too so I can always find something, old or new, to illustrate my postings.

When I was in England with my Dad I found a stash of about fifteen small picture frames in a worm-ridden log basket that had been stored in the out houses of home since before I went off around the world in 1987. The frames, all carefully wrapped in pages of the Sunday Times, all contained one of my paintings and one of them now heads this posting. There were also some clay tiles stored away with pictures that I had "painted" with coloured slips. I made these in 1983 when I was on a post-graduate art-teacher training course in Birmingham, England. I remember making and firing the tiles in the botanical gardens and I always wondered what had happened to them. I will include them too in my posting one day.

Many thanks to all for reading.

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