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Thursday 1 January 2009

Snakes and ladders

"What's it like in Budapest?" by Susie Mallett, Spring 1993

I must admit that I do not look at the Conductive Community Forum site as often as I ought to, considering how nice it has been to have a discussion forum back again. This is not due to a lack of interest on my part or even time, there is time for everything if we make it. I don’t visit because I find the site a little awkward to use, it is not immediately obvious where the new postings or comments are and sometimes it is impossible to gain access at all to post letters or to reply.

I was however there today and everything worked fine! I read and replied to the recent letter from John in Bristol who was asking where he could get information about Conductive Education in UK.

A simple question with a short answer, even I could answer it and I live in Germany! No one else had bothered at the time I took a look, which was four days after the original posting.
No criticism, it is Christmas and most people probably have better things to do, like playing snakes and ladders and monopoly under the Christmas tree or even trying out the Nintendo Wii.! (Which actually I too am longing to try out with my nephew at the end of the month and I am aiming to find someone to sponsor one for my adult clients with cerebral palsy
to use at the centre where they live.)

Back to the Forum and unanswered questions. This brought to my attention that there is no one out there any more answering questions from people looking for CE. Yes I know that I am self -employed and always on the look out for work but not necessarily in Britain or America, Mauritius, Israel or even in Hong Kong, but often I can still answer the questions. This usually takes all of two minutes even on the most complicated of posting systems.

Just wondering why no one bothers. Is it that they are not botherd?

Good luck, Wheelieman from Bristol for 2009.


Snakes and Ladders

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