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Sunday 18 January 2009

Yet another string to my conductive bow

Movement by Susie Mallett, May 2002

Second no picture picture
by Susie Mallett, 19th January 2009

My Nintendo Wii project gets slowly under way

I have been trying to get this going now for several months. In September I recommended Wii to a family with whom I have been working for eleven years, as an ideal Christmas present for their four teenagers, one of whom is disabled.

On Friday I had a meeting with staff at the centre where I work in Nürnberg, where I presented my ideas for asking a local firm to sponser a Wii that we could use in evening activities with the young and not-so-young, disabled adults. The meeting went well, someone with a bit more technical know-how that myself will lend a hand and hopefully by the spring we will all be boxing, playing tennis, bowling and more besides.

Today I am visiting the family with the four teenagers who, surprise, surprise, did get a Wii for Christmas! I am not here specifically to play with the Wii, we have other much more exciting plans for this evening that will be the subject of another blog posting, but I have had a go on Wii and tried out the boxing, driving, bowling and playing tennis.

I think that I will need to practise quite a lot myself to work out precisely which sports and activities will suit which clients. This "participative research" will be important so that the clients can feel a degree of success even if they loose a match, and so that they do not feel frustrated at not being able to carry out required movements.

I am looking forward to adding yet another string to my conductive bow. Watch this spot, hopefully with pictures next time that I report on this project.


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Anonymous said...

Karen Hague at Paces has been experimenting with a Wii with her adult daughter Kirstin.

I have sent her the link to your posting in case she did not see it yet.

BTW I was impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit in seeking sponsorship.