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Saturday 3 January 2009

Conductive sweet making

"Fun in between bits" by Susie Mallett, 2008/2009

Even though I just about cancelled Christmas this year I did still eventually send out the usual one-hundred cards just in time for the New Year, and I couldn’t avoid the annual sweet-making marathon either with my Tuesday-evening workers' group.

I hadn’t have time after returning from Norway to organise the sweet-making before Christmas, as I usually do, so on popular demand we did it afterwards. The sweets tasted just as good and we had just as much fun making them as always. The “workers” were not working so we met in the morning and even extended the session to give us time to relax, listen to some Christmas music and chat together.

I was infected by my Tuesday group’s enthusiasm and so today I made my own (see top picture above). Tuesday's workers' group and I have always make Christmas sweets together, ever since I started the group some ten years ago, and this year they gave me the spur that I needed to get started on my own creations.

I am always amazed at how deft some of the members of this group are, how suddenly their fine motor skills increase ten-fold (second picture). I am sure that this is because we are having fun. Sweet-making sessions before or even after Christmas will definitely stay on the menu.

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