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Wednesday 14 January 2009

Catching up with the times

"Joyland", Gt Yarmouth by Susie Mallett, May 1976

As I don’t have a television and rarely read the papers, and as I have consciously been avoiding the gloom and doom of the media for weeks I thought it was time to catch up with The Times Online. I do this every now and again, usually late at night. This time I was prompted to do so as I had nearly missed the gushings of Kate and Co. at the Golden Globe awards. I thought that I should perhaps keep a bit more up to date so not to miss more such important news items as this!

One of the few interesting things that I found last night, while still avoiding the gloom and doom of the UK and foreign news pages and instead combing the women's pages, was an article by Tim Rushby-Smith. I thought that this was worth sharing.

There are so many things to think about when working with children and adults with disability as I reported yesterday in my flat-hunting experience. The paragraph below, taken from Tim Rushby-Smith’s article, illustrates yet another situation that I can certainly learn from.

“But again we are learning together, with Rosalie's risk assessment based on what she knows I am capable of. There is often another parent in the playground happy to help, but I usually decline unless it is absolutely necessary as it is important that Rosalie learns to stay within my capabilities in case we are alone.”

I particularly liked the list of dos and don’ts at the end of the article.

Tim Rushby-Smith’s book will probably be added to my library of volumes by authors who themselves are disabled. As I have said before, it is from these that I learn more than from any text book.

Times Online

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