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Sunday 4 January 2009

Orange tree, very pretty!

" Blooming lovely", Jan 3rd 2009

In 2007 I celebrated my fiftieth birthday and I was thrilled to have people there with me not only from my "home" town but also from further afield.

One of these journeying guests was Raphaela Roß, who arrived with her family, I have mentioned her before on my blog. She is a very special friend and a really valuable colleague, and
another NICE angel.

Once again many thanks

Raphaela presented me with a lovely, one that I enjoyed some more last night, exactly eighteen months after the first celebration. The present, the little orange ttree in the picure, has been lodging at another friend’s house since my summer moves and turmoil, and it has obviously enjoyed her green fingers.

If you look closely at the picture you will see evidence of where I haveharvested some of the fruit from Raphaela' present: tiny fruits that were very soft and tangy. Delicious.

Raphaela and I have been making plans and we are both looking forward to coming together from northern and southern Germany in 2009, to meet somewhere in the middle with two of our individual clients. We want to have fun together, instead of in isolation.

Hopefully our fingers are as green as those of the "carer" of my tree.


Orange tree, very pretty!
This refers to Peter, Paul and Mary's "Lemon tree very pretty"

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