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Friday 31 December 2010

Transport in Hong Kong

My model green tram on top of my fridge, amongst new friends

Cable cars heading towards Lantau Island, on 5.7 kilometres of cable!

Hong Kong from the Peak Tram

Tram and taxis from my hotel room

Tram, taxi, Methodist Church, a building site, and always a row of motor cycles,
my view each morning

Trams at the busy intersection where the Indonesian maids met on Sundays
You can just see their heads where they sit on the bridge sharing their meals

Tramway or cycle path?
It was by far the safest place for bikes on Hong Kong Island

MTR, a long winding underground carriage

"A queue of trams!"

A Hong Kong bus

Buses and taxis and the Methodist Church, from my hotel window


A green tram at the Pawn

The Ferry Port

Hong Kong bus

Peak tram and traveller

Model trains on Lantau Island

Real tram in Hong Kong again with traveller

The delights of travelling by public transport in a city that is even more efficient than in Budapest or in Germany. All mentioned earlier this week by Andrew Sutton at:

The lovely old, green trams are not all green any more. There were red ones, pink ones, black ones, white ones and blue ones. Even maroon ones with Christmas lights for party goers! The MTR (underground) is incredibly sleek and shiny and never-ending! The red and beige taxis are everywhere. Travelling on the Peak Tram reminds us adopted Magyars of being in Budapest, although the views in Hong Kong were far more spectacular. And all the double-decker buses reminded me of home! The ferry was something novel for me and using it gave me a better idea of the distances between the islands than did travelling by MTR or bus.

My favourite after the double decker trams were the lovely Hong Kong little buses, but I forgot to buy myself one for the top of the fridge!


MTR, buses, ferry and green trams and more -

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