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Thursday 16 December 2010

Post three for Thursday

"Once again I turned by bedroom into an artists studio" December 5th- 6th 2010

I spent two evenings during the Congress at Chinese painting classes. Something that I had organised, with the help of SAHK, long ago. It was wonderful.

While I was here I set up the window-sill of my room as my place for homework. The paints and inks are still there the last things to be put into my suitcase in case I get the urge to do some mroe relaxing exercises.

Later on during the week I decided to send Christmas presents home to UK from Hong Kong instead of taking them back to Germany and posting from there. I set off to the back-streets stationary stores to buy wrapping paper and New Year ribbons, and Swift-Post envelops from the Post Office.

While I was at it I decided I should get some Christmas cards sent off too. Being in Hong Kong has delayed Christmas for me this year so I thought if I get some cards sent from here they might just make it on time.

So I set to making some with more bits and ieces that I found in the local corner shops.

I did not have time to make and send them all but I managed fifty! I wrote my Christmmas letter by hand on one of my homework pieces, still practising my strokes on a Chinese orchid.

Above are a few photographs. I do not have the programe on my net book to do the turning and cutting, so the pictures are not always up to scratch I am sorry to say, but they give the general impression.

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