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Sunday 25 July 2010

Igniting enthusiasm continued

"Fitting pegs into holes, square and round",
by Susie Mallett, July 24th 2010

I have just received some new information on the "chanelbags" mystery.

The essay that you mentioned in your blog is translated from Mandarin, which itself is translated from a Japanese book co-authored by a Japanese writer (Mayumi Komurasaki) and a Korean picturist.

Ms Komurasaki graduated from the Kobe University of Foreign Studies, majoring in International Relations. She then worked in a Japanese TV Station as reporter and program host. In 2005, she qualified as an education counsellor and worked in school and then in the Education Bureau.

Currently, she is a private practitioner, advocating 'conductive counselling' for upbringing normal kids and is running counsellor training courses.

Her linkage with CE is not yet known.

I have just spent over an hour searching for her in the internet, I have not found her yet. Perhaps more experienced googlers will have more luck. I would quite like to contact her.


This new information came from Mr Ivan Y. W. Su. Thank you.

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