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Saturday 24 July 2010

The changes of life continue

"Finishing off projects"

July 2010

New beginnnings

At the end of July the art therapy sessions with an autistic client are coming to an end.

It is amazing the developments that have taken place in this relatively short time, moving on from attending the sessions with his carer for the first few weeks, through working intensively with me on his projects, to the present point when he decides on his own projects and works a lot of the time alone.

When he has the materials he needs to hand, my client can now work independently until a particular job is finished. We then decide together on the next stage.

At first verbal comunication was only through his carer, then when my client came alone he would ask his carer to tell me what he wished to work on when we all met at the door. Now that my client comes from the car to my room unaccompanied he communicates directly with me.

Over the past few weeks we have been not only discussing our art projects but he has also been telling me about other interesting activities in his day.

My client will take with him lots of new experiences that he will be able to use successfully in other aspects of his life as he moves on to pastures new.

I will miss this island of art in my conductive days, but I plan to move on to pastures new too. I will offer the time to the retired, disabled adults who live close by so, if they wish, we can produce some works of art to brighten up their homes.

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